" I would never have thought of entering Therapy until I began to suffer from depression....Since having Counselling it has helped me come to terms with my condition and learn techniques to help me cope in the future..so much so that i was able to return to work within 6 weeks" ... Anon
"Through counselling I was able to both understand myself more and improve my relationship with my wife as well as my friends"...D
"Through becoming more self aware and finding a place where i could talk through my issues without feeling judged i was able to overcome my addiction"... Anon
"I came to counselling because my anger was getting out of control and affecting my relationship with my wife, Counselling helped learn techniques to express the way i felt in a more positive way"... Neil
" Counselling -a-space4u offered me a place to come each week where i could talk and make sense of the confusion i had in my life ...since then my life and relationships have improved"... Anne
" I would recommend anyone who is finding they are having emotional problems in their lives to go to Counselling, to spend 50 minutes a week on myself and my well being has proved invaluable".... Claire
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