Counsellings main aim is to give the opportunity for people to work towards living in a way in which they experience as more fulfilling and effective.
Counselling addresses and seeks to solve specfic problems and assist the client in make their own decisions, as counsellors we strive to work with our clients to achieve personnal insight and self awareness in order that they can work through their feelings and and improve their relationships with others.
In order to achieve this the strength of the relationship between counsellor and client is key. To that end the client is offered a safe, confidential and a non judgemental enviroment in which they feel able to share their thoughts and feelings with the counsellor.I will listen to you in a respectful and empathic way, acknowledging your individuality as a person
Each client problem is tackled systematically, typically in three or more stages and requires the counsellor to be disciplined and thorough in their approach, whilst remaining flexiable in their interactions with clients. The therapy must fit the client and not vice versa. Research has indicated that the most probable factors determining a successful outcome to therapy are the personal qualities of both therapist and client and the relationship between them, rather than any particular approach used.
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